Physiotherapy & Its Importance

What Is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a branch of modern medical science which includes examination, assessment, interpretation, physical diagnosis, planning and execution of treatment and advice to any person for preventing, alleviating, and limiting dysfunction, acute and chronic bodily malfunction including life-saving measures via chest physiotherapy in the intensive care unit, curing physical disorders or disability, promoting physical fitness, facilitating healing and pain relief and treatment of physical and psychological disorders through modulating psychological and physical response using physical agents, activities, and devices including exercise, mobilization, manipulations, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical and thermal agents and electrotherapy for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. -The Indian Association of Physiotherapy

History of Physiotherapy
The first practitioners of physical therapy where advocating massage, manual therapy techniques, and hydrotherapy to treat people dates back to 460 BC. The earliest documented origin of physiotherapy as a professional group was in 1813 for manipulation and exercise by the Father of Swedish Gymnastics, by Per Henrik Ling.

History of Physiotherapy in India
Following a major epidemic of poliomyelitis in Mumbai, The foundation of physiotherapy in India was laid in 1952. As a joint collaborative project of the government of India, state government, & the then Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) with technical support by the World Health Organization (WHO) the first school & center for physiotherapy was established in Mumbai in 1953. Then slowly but steadily physiotherapy formed a firm base with the formation of, The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) in 1962. Even though many achievements can be noted since then, the need for awareness is still there and not only in India but in other countries too.

Importance of Physical Therapy
It is the ideal and common treatment to recover certain injuries and medical conditions such as ‘chronic pain, sports injuries and conditions that has to deal with mobility. It is basically stated as “Movement is Medicine” because when you move you feel fit and healthy. Few reasons on the need for physiotherapy:

Range of Motion
If there was a history of injuries you had before or a medical problem that had affected your range of motion then physiotherapy can help recover better. That is why we say “Movement is Medicine.”

Physical Exercise
The therapist will help you out by making you do various therapeutic activities or exercises during the treatment and as well as suggest you to do certain exercises to do at home. When you move it increase your mobility and flexibility and eventually helps you come back strong.
December 30, 2021

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