Water And Its Importance

Water & Its Importance
It’s quite common and a fact that water is the ultimate requirement for human body.
This plays an important role in ensuring body weight, staying healthy and so on. Here are few basic functions of water
• Excreting waste from the body
• Regulates and balances body temperature
• Enable proper brain function
Some of the benefits of drinking ample amount of water:

Enables the Secretion of Saliva
• Water plays a major role in secretion of saliva. Saliva has few amounts of electrolytes, mucus and enzymes.
• It is also necessary to cut down solid food to keep your mouth healthy.
• If dryness persists in your mouth then it is evident that there is less intake of water.

Maintain Body Temperature
Keeping you hydrated is necessary as it balances your body temperature and we lose water through sweat while doing physical work and being in humid surroundings.

Protects Tissues, Spinal Cord and Joints
Intake of water enables to operate your joints, tissues and so on smoothly.
It enables to excrete waste through perspiration, urination and defecation.
Further Kidneys are vital to remove or excrete urination. Surplus intake of water enables kidney function better.
Moreover, recent activities of football icon Cristiano Ronaldo during a press conference has enhanced and highlighted the importance of water when he moved the soft drink in front of him and took a bottle of water. This eventually dropped a few stock value of the soft drink by 1.6%
December 30, 2021

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