Published 1 Aug 2021

Visited for Lumbar Spondylosteis Physiotherapy

Perfect infrastructure. Very Friendly & immediate high Pain Relief without medicines. Doctor & Therapist clearly explained the process before start the treatment.

Published 2 Sep 2021

Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy

Doctor Sivabalan is well experienced and knowledgeable. The team is professional and dedicated. No time wasted in waiting between treatments. Well coordinated team. Every one of them is working hard to satisfy the customer. I had spinal decompression with laser therapy. Good service and satisfactory results.

Published 7 Oct 2021

Visited for Lumbar Spondylosis Physiotherapy, cervical spondylitis

I would recommend Mr. Sivabalan for anyone who are in need of a good physiotherapist, he is excellent in his craft and he understands our physical pain very well and guides to a better treatment plan, which worked for me in my L5 S1 nerve pain due to disc degeneration, thanks to his team who are good in providing excellent patient care.. Thanks once again to all of the BEE Physio.

Published 8 Apr 2021

I've BEEn suffering form back pain for the past 7 years. Dr.Sivabalan advised me to undergo Decompression therapy along with combination therapy for 5 days initially. I'm very happy that now I'm free from my pain and even I could walk for hours which I couldn't do before the treatment. I'm very happy and satisfied with the treatment. The approaches of the staffs were very friendly indeed. I would definitely recommend BEE health studio.

Published 10 Jul 2021

Visited for Frozen shoulder Physiotherapy

He is very friendly and approachable. My wife, mother and myself all received treatment from him for chronic shoulder and back pain. He prescribed a 5 day treatment plan for us and we have good relief in our symptoms since then. Definitely recommended!

Published 15 Oct 2021

Visited for Frozen shoulder Physiotherapy

I had terrific shoulder pain for the last few months. With my daughter's advice I took the treatment at BEE Health Studio at Thiruvanmiyur. The treatment that too without any medicine, received at the BEE is excellent and my ailment is completely cured now. I would like to record my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Sivabalan and his team for the excellent treatment and the allied service received at the Centre.

Published 16 Sep 2020

Visited for Osteoarthritis Physiotherapy

I was suffering from severe joint pain past 12yrs and the only option was total knee replacement. I took treatment for just 15days at this clinic with Dr Sivabalan and Dr Pratibha they advised exercises after treatment. And prescribed braces for support while walking I was lymping and hate to walk due to severe pain in both legs I was unable to stand for even few minutes.

Published 25 Oct 2021

Visited for Back Pain Physiotherapy

Can guarantee that this is one of the best Physio clinics is Chennai. Have known Doctor Sivabalan for few years now, he makes us feel comfortable and gives us solid assurance that the pain can be managed and relieved. His team is also very friendly and professional.

Published 20 Feb 2021

Visited for Neck Pain Physiotherapy

The very first call to doctor while I was searching for a physiotherapy clinic, he understood that I'm in pain through call and gave me tips to keep up my spirit and told me some home remedies for time being. That kindness and care to humanity is very rare. After I had my appointment with the clinic, I had Professional experience. Their meticulous way of maintaining records impressed me from checking on vitals every day.

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